Friday, October 7, 2011

From 2001 to 2011, Melbourne's Uplands Gallery provided a breeding ground for some of the most vibrant and enigmatic artwork to come along in decades. Much of Uplands impact was due to a complete disregard for the local status quo.

Uplands emerged at the very beginning of a decade of art market booms which saw the art industry in Australia, and the world, take a huge leap forward to become a behemoth network of interlinked institutions, commercial enterprises, DIY initiatives, festivals, biennales, trade shows, and more.

Presented as a notebook come genealogy, this [website] presents a history of Uplands from 2001 - 2011. We will be adding content to this website on a monthly basis until we feel the story of Uplands Gallery is almost complete. For information regarding content updates follow us on twitter @jarrodrawlins

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Uplands Gallery

Year of Foundation

Jarrod & Tara Rawlins, Blair Trethowan

2001 – 2006: Level 1, 12 Waratah Place, Chinatown, Melbourne
2006 – 2009: Studio 2 – 3/249–251 Chapel Street, Prahran
2009 – 2011: 247 High Street, Prahran
Closed 2011

Artists Represented:
A Constructed World
Guy Benfield
Fergus Binns
Daniel Boyd
Steve Carr
Jota Castro
Nadine Christensen
Jon Campbell
Simon Denny
James Deutsher
Tony Garifalakis
Sharon Goodwin
Julia Gorman
Matthew Griffin
David Griggs
Matt Hinkley
Anna Kristensen
James Lynch
Amanda Marburg
David Noonan
Manuel Ocampo
Raquel Ormella
Kain Picken & Rob McKenzie
Séraphine Pick
Koji Ryui
Tony Schwensen
Renee So
Blair Trethowan
Michelle Ussher
Ronnie Van Hout

Other Artists Exhibited:
Colleen Ahern
Poklong Anading
Benjamin Armstrong
Hany Armanious
Liv Barrett
Tim Burns
Richard Butler-Bowden
Lane Cormick
Douglas M.Crocco
Sarah Ciraci
Rob Creedon
Mikala Dwyer
Ida Ekblad
Claire Fontaine
Pat Foster & Jen Berean
Marco Fusinato
Shaun Gladwell
Richard Grigg
Meg Hale
Ry Haskings
Irene Hanenberg
Christopher LG Hill
Stephen Honnegar
Anthony Hunt
Larissa Kosloff
Madeline Kidd
Brendan Lee
Nick Lowe
Jay Lizo
Nick Mangan
Rob McHaffie
Rob McGuiness
Lisa Mihm
Callum Morton
TV Moore
Nat & Ali
Geoff Newton
Xavier O'Brien
Ester Partegas
Lawrence Pierce
Paola Pivi
Lisa Radford
Michael Reafsnyder
Sharon Ryan
Kati Rule
Huseyin Sami
Jacinta Schreuder
Camille Seriser
Tim Silver
Dion Sanderson
Daniel von Sturmmer
John Spiteri
Masato Takasaka
Kathy Temin
Simon Trevaks
Austin Thomas
Troy Townsin
Justene Williams
Lyndal Walker
Erica van Zon